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2nd round knockout Canibus Tribute

by Jai Carey a.k.a. Epochdemic Seraphic



Paying homage to Canibus, Jai Carey spits over the legendary track 2nd Round Knockout for the Dominion Cyphers/ Dominion Alpha Pay homage Challenge on Instagram.
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Yo Ima let the world know the truth, watch me embed it in rhyme, exemplify grind with every move presented in time, descendant of God creating life with ink in my palms, while Im jotting the illest measures on alien motherboards, bars drip from my pores contaminating thoughts with foreign spores secreted from vocals chords of a genius in metaphor form, I metamorph into a better source you need five mics just to track the analog of the sound waves I implore, a might force forged in the fire of Earth's core, channeled through handles the worthy hold like Im mighty Thor, and send shots like a hammer electrifying grammar to mourn cause Im murder the alphanumeric language any combination or form, war born you gon need an army made up of norse, greek, hindu, and egyptian gods outsourced with reinforced armor all riding on a team of pale horse Ill still turn em to martyrs Ill kill em with a 4 bar slaughter, nigga

You better give me the respect that I deserve or Ima take it by force, blast you with my writing arm and sign your soul away to God, stick my hand through ya jaw catch your soul as it leaves your corpse, and have a ventriloquist show to entertain your squad, Ill battle them all with a proton pack and jump suit on, then get at your ghost writers like who the fuck you gonna call, use my third I to Spot a fy rapper grab em by they adams apple cross streams while they playing my catalogue, empty a catalog the size of Sears Christmas catalog in December, this God of war will leave the Titans something to remember, soon as my name enter the picture I burn the canvas down to an ember, like Im considered an arsonist with a bad temper, thats not what I would call this, nah see this is something different, a higher being under Canibus influence with the writtens, so this homage through penmanship's an eloquent addition to legacy created by Germaine William's vision, when Im crafting my bars its a form of nuclear fission, disinigrating competition with optimal rhyme precision, if its a course for collision I hope you made a decision to abandon ship before you intended cause Ima end shit, heaven starts to applaud when Im spitting the red cross stays on stand by when you listen the devil cringes in fear with this composite of scriptures world powers know my brainstorm is a nuclear winter, residue and singe marks embedded in my pencil, the Pinnacle of a hardcore artist by definition, my lyrical fitness is an arnold classic exhibition and my reflection in the mirror is my only competition, I'm cognitive of my cause so Im moving with with intention, A dominate human form that was forged with a cryptid, And cryptocurrency rises when I invest my two cent in, and when the voices in my head speak to me I pay attention, they say like common and cube I see the greatness in you and Ima make the world see it too mother fucka


released March 11, 2022
2nd Round Knockout instrumental
Lyrics by Jai Carey




Jai Carey a.k.a. Epochdemic Seraphic Columbus, Ohio

A 10 time Ohio Hip Hop Expo Emcee battle champion, 7 time Ohio Hip Hop Award nominee (including 3 nominations for best lyricist and 2 best performer nominations) 2 time Midwest Freestyle Clinic Champion, Jai creates a blend of Old school hip hop nostalgia with new age delivery that incorporates off the top freestyle with an energetic live performance for a one of a kind experience. ... more

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